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These cats have retired from their roles at TimberBend and are looking for their lifelong home.


Most are still young cats who will have lots of love and years left in them for a family. They are spayed/neutered and current on their vaccines prior to placement in their new homes. We strive to match their personalities to suitable homes in which their charms will best be appreciated and loved. Some will be happiest with the constant attentions of an active family while others will thrive best in a quieter environment of an adults only household. It is our intent that these retirees live out their lives as spoiled and adored family members in this last home and we make every effort to help insure this outcome.

While kittens are adorable and silly, there are appealing advantages to adopting a young adult in lieu of that young kitten. Should you be interested in an available retiree listed here or wish to be considered for adopting a cat expected to retire in the near future, please email and clearly state this.


Do expect similar questions to those that are asked of anyone adopting a kitten.  We inquire about your home, family and pet/cat experiences as well as your own expectations about housing and loving a retired Siberian. These cats have been loved in our home as pets.  We will honestly answer your questions and describe them all, their personalities and preferences. The same consideration with regard to our questions of you will be greatly appreciated.

Currently we have no retired adults available for adoption. We may know of other breeders who do, so please ask questions and start that conversation!


Thank you for your interest !

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