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             ... Be diligent! Do your research! 

Finding your new kitten is just the start of this journey. Finding the breeder who suits your needs requires some time spent researching the many options available and it is time well spent locating a knowledgeable and reputable breeder. Ask questions and expect questions in return. Do not be offended by what may seem to be nosy inquiries. Simply put, good breeders are as serious about finding the most suitable homes for their kittens as you are in looking for that right breeder fitting your needs. Ask specifics and when at all possible, meet the breeder, visit the cattery! A kitten's environment and early handling are very important to their overall development. Do not expect to see all of their cats since in a cattery different cats do sometimes need isolation and at the very least separation... pre vaccination kittens, imminently due pregnant moms and sometimes calling queens. However, breeders are generally proud to show off their cats. Above all, talk to several breeders about their cattery and what is most important to them in their breeding programs. Ask about housing practices, socialization and how their kittens are reared.  Do they test cats for FeLV/FIV, scan adult breeders for Hypertropic Cardiomyopathy and if this component is important to your family, whether or not they actually conduct laboratory testing for specific allergen levels in their breeding cats or kittens.

Waiting List

There is a waiting list under way for upcoming litters. If you are interested in joining the list, complete the web questionnaire form which assists in screening potential kitten families. Once approved, you will be notified of upcoming litters. Some families wish for a specific gender or color and they request notification particularly for these kittens. Please be certain to let me know if this is the case for you. This notation can be made in the special remarks on the questionnaire.  Once kittens are born and reach a few weeks of age, if your kitten is among that litter, you are matched by the order of the list with the criteria you specified...personality, color, gender. At this point a non refundable deposit is due.  If for any reason during the process,  It becomes necessary to decline the kitten placement or the kitten is deemed inappropriate,  the deposit will be refunded in full or mutually optioned on another kitten. Kittens are not reserved until the deposit is received. They typically move to their new homes between 12-16 weeks of age after a minimum of two vaccines, vet checkups and preventative de-worming. The specific age depends upon the individual kitten development.


TimberBend Kittens are placed as indoor pets only. Siberians are a wonderful breed to be protected from the dangers, predators and disease lurking outdoors. Since kittens begin their training here in our home they are on the path to proper indoor behavior. Your consistent, loving, positive reinforcement continues that training so that they adjust well and understand the rules of their new home. They are NOT to be declawed as that is an anatomy changing amputation of the first digit from each toe. This particular alteration changes their movement, impairs their balance and natural agility as well as provides a life of residual ghost pain from the mutilation. If you are at all curious about the procedure, I recommend  With appropriate alternative surfaces to use and consistent positive reinforcement, kittens will not scratch and claw at forbidden furniture and window coverings.


Recommended Supplies


The upcoming weeks spent waiting for your kitten from this point forward can be used to prepare for their arrival by readying your home, stocking up on those kitten essentials and learning a bit about transitioning your kitten into their new home. This will also help pass the time as excitement builds in anticipation of bringing your companion home! These are tried and true recommendations as determined by our own in-house research teams, as well as those of our friends and colleagues. Please do tell us about your own experiences with new products!

Bringing your kitten home...

Just as with any topic, there are many books explaining what to expect with your new kitten. These are great resources for kitten/cat owners and just like raising a family, every kitten is different. Chances are that you will not encounter something no else else has experienced and most questions are covered by a reputable breeder or any number of manuals. It is important that your kitten has the basics needed for a good transition from their litter mates to your home.  Bowls for food and water, Litter boxes, a Secure Carrier, Safe Toys, a Bed and above all lots of love, attention and consistent guidance. Your time investment now will forge a lifelong relationship with your new furry family member.



Personal pickup is always preferable. You can choose to visit Indianapolis, where there are plenty of activities and entertainment in conjunction with picking up your new kitten! If you live in an area where I travel to attend cat shows, I am happy to meet you before the show or en route. Finally, I currently use a wonderful courier to transport kittens in-cabin on airline flights across the country.  The fee for this service is generally $250-300 + Pet Carrier in most instances and is comparable if not a bit less than shipping kittens as cargo, in a specialty crate, with a registered Veterinary Health Certificate and far more comfortable for everyone concerned.​  If you prefer to fly into town yourself to pick up your kitten, please arrive at  IND so that I can meet and assist you during your stay.



Look at some of our previous kitten litters. By the time photos are found here, those kittens generally have been reserved, however occasionally we may post a photo of an available kitten.  If you are interested in loving a TimberBend Kitten of your own, please read through my Kittens Page and complete a questionnaire. You may also contact me  ...                                  

TimberBend is a proud supporter of the Wounded Warrior Project  With each kitten placement, we make a donation to their mission.  Please take the time to learn more about their programs...

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