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s i b e r i a n   c a t s

Sire:     Grand Champion TimberBend Big Boy


Dam:   Grand Champion TimberBend Sweet Girl


Was sold to  XXXX    By  Crazy Cat Lady                                     
On  June 29, 2012  under the following terms: $... pet without breeding rights 

Registration Paperwork will be transferred at proof of spay/neuter to be performed at 6-8 months.

This contract certifies that the kitten called:


           TimberBend Fuzzy Britches


Breed:    Siberian Cat      


Color:   Cream Mackerel Tabby with White


Sex:  Male


Date of birth:   February 29, 2025    


Registration Number:   TBD pending neuter

Seller maintains the following:

Ø  At the time of purchase, that this cat is in excellent health, is feline-leukemia negative, and is free of parasites.  If, within 7 days of purchase, a veterinarian finds and certifies otherwise, Seller will refund veterinary fees necessary to correct the specific condition in this only (not to exceed the purchase price).  Seller will refund relevant veterinary fees only on presentation of a veterinarian’s note describing the cat’s condition and veterinary receipts that enumerate all charges

Ø  Seller provides a limited 2 year warranty for genetic health.

Ø  Seller guarantees that this cat has had vaccinations, as described on the cat’s Veterinary History Record and is in excellent health, as written on the health certificate provided by the Seller’s veterinarian.

Ø  TICA Registration papers will be provided upon veterinary proof of spay/neuter of this kitten to be performed at not less than 5 months of age and recommended NLT 8 months of age. CFA registration available by special request.

Ø  Purchaser may return this cat to Seller at any time during the cat’s lifetime.  If this cat is returned within 7 days of purchase, for any reason, the Seller will refund 100% of the purchase price.  If returned after 7 days, Seller will pass on to Purchaser any monies collected from placing this cat in a new home, less any costs incurred by Seller (such as FeLV test fees).  Seller will charge the new buyers the usual price for a cat that age.




Purchaser agrees to the following conditions of sale:


Ø  Purchaser affirms that this transaction is not simply a purchase of property, but a lifetime commitment to this cat and to his or her welfare.  If it becomes necessary for the Purchaser to give up this cat, Purchaser will contact the Seller who has the first option to take back the cat at no charge.  Under no circumstance will this cat be sold, leased, or given to any pet shop, research facility, or similar facility; nor to an animal shelter, humane society, or other similar facility. If unable to keep this cat, Purchaser will contact the Seller immediately.  Seller agrees to either accept return of this cat or assist Purchaser in placing this cat in an alternative home.

Ø  Under no circumstance will this cat be declawed or devocalized.

Ø  This cat will not be allowed to roam freely outdoors; only an enclosed, covered run, or a safe harness and leash will be used for any outings. 

Ø  Purchaser will provide this cat with at least annual veterinary examinations and vaccinations, as well as ongoing veterinary care as needed.  Annual immunizations should include vaccinations against rabies, feline upper respiratory illnesses (rhinotracheitis, panleukopenia pneumonitis and calici virus, FVRP), and Feline Leukemia (FeLV- please discuss this vaccine’s necessity with your veterinarian).  Seller does not recommend vaccinating the kitten/cat for Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP).  If Purchaser opts to vaccinate their cat with this vaccine and if the cat should subsequently develop FIP, the Seller will not replace the kitten.  The reason for this is the Seller feels that based on studies done at UC Davis, these may cause FIP. 

Ø  Purchaser agrees to inform seller immediately if this cat ever develops any major health problems.

Ø  If this cat dies of a potentially inheritable condition (for example, a “blood clot”) or for unknown reasons, Purchaser will contact Seller immediately, and permit a necropsy to be done if Seller requests one (at the Seller’s expense).  Purchaser also agrees to provide Seller with a copy of the relevant veterinary records.

Ø  Euthanasia is an intensely private, personal and poignant decision, therefore the seller acknowledges purchaser’s right to choose this course of action when it is in the best interest of the cat and when it is performed by a licensed veterinarian as medically necessary.  Purchaser agrees to contact seller should this cat be euthanized.


This cat is sold under the provisions and guarantees set forth in this contract.  Seller makes no guarantee other than those specifically described above.   Seller’s total liability is limited to the purchase price of this cat (or less, as stated above).  Failure on the part of the Purchaser to honor the terms and conditions of this contract will result in immediate possession surrendered and ownership of the cat reverting to the Seller, with no compensation due to Purchaser. Additionally if a violation occurs, legal action will take place in Hendricks County, Indiana, Courts.  Indiana law will apply.  Purchaser shall hold Seller harmless from any and all damages caused by the cat/kitten.


I am in full agreement with, and agree to abide by, all the above terms and conditions of this contract


Signature of Purchaser:                                                                                 Date:  June 29, 2012

Purchaser’s Name:   





Signature of Seller:                                                                                         Date:  June 29, 2012

Seller’s Name:                                               






















Rabies Vaccine.

There is currently a debate over the necessary frequency of this vaccine.  Your kitten should have their initial vaccine after 4 months of age as required by law and boosted again one year following that time. If you are never allowing your cat/kitten outside and do not have a lot of visitors to your home, some feel it is unnecessary to take the risk involved in continuing the yearly rabies vaccine.  Some states offer this as a three year vaccine while others continue it as an annual vaccination. You need to discuss the risks of the rabies vaccine with your veterinarian while understanding that each state does have a law in place requiring pets to be vaccinated.  Please be advised that there have been some severe reactions, even deaths from this vaccine.


FeLV Vaccine.

NOT RECOMMENDED.  According to reports this vaccine has been known to weaken the immune system and may predispose your cat/kitten to the disease.  There are known to be severe reactions from this vaccine as well.  The American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP) and the Academy of Feline Medicine (AFM) have indicated that this vaccination should ONLY BE given to cats that will be exposed to other cats with FeLV virus.


FIP (Feline Infectious Peritonitis) Vaccine.

NOT RECOMMENDED.  According to reports this vaccine is totally ineffective and may predispose your cat to the disease.  This vaccine is not recommended by the AAFP/AFM unless your cat will be exposed to the virus. Administering this vaccine to your TimberBend kitten will void all contract responsibilities of TimberBend and its proprietors. It does not nullify the buyers' responsibilities as outlined in the contract.



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