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​My name is Kim and I am the crazy cat lady behind TimberBend Siberians! 
All nimals have always been a big part of my life, but kittens and cats have held a special place in my heart from the outset...Barn cats, foundlings and pedigreed cats all contributed to the Siberian group I now love, manage and with whom i share my home. It was my mother and  a Domestic Longhair named TooManyToes, a steely blue Polydactal who touched me deeply and who were the catalysts behind this journey into breeding Siberians. Toes' passing, at a ripe old age, left a void in our home and a gorgeous Norwegian Forest Cat helped filled the emptiness. Showing him happened as a lark with friends and proved to be both fun and successful.  When he decided the fun was all mine, a fellow exhibitor offered me the opportunity to love and show a Siberian kitten. That time spent loving, raising and traveling with my show kitten, gave wings to the dream of raising my own Siberian Cats.  I researched, networked and tapped into the contacts made during my time showing and then added a handful of Siberians to my busy family home! TimberBend Siberians was born!
While being a cat lover came easily at a very young age, I didn't anticipate all of life's crazy turns and the cats and kittens help me keep some sanity!  
Crazy Cat Lady?  You BET! 

The TimberBend Story

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